Joining as a harvester

How do I join?

You can view our join page here but feel free to send us an email with any question plukfruittuin@cityplot.org

Can I share a share?

Yes, it is possible to share a share and come to harvest bi-weekly instead of every week. You can do this with a friend or neighbour or we can match you with someone who wants to do the same. 

What if I can’t make it one weekend or if I go on holiday?

You can have a friend harvest whilst you are away but they must have been guided by you on one harvest before. This is so they can understand how it works. 


What time can I harvest?

Harvesting begins at the end of April and finishes in early December. 
Thursday 13-17
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-17*Please note that the Fruittuin closes at 18:00, so you must have finished harvesting by that time. You can stay harvesting later than 18:00 in the Koe field only.

What to bring for harvesting?

Bags/baskets/boxes - Bring something to take your harvest home in. It is helpful to bring some small bags and boxes for herbs.

Clothing and footwear - Shoes and clothing you do not mind getting muddy and a waterproof.

Tools - Bring a clippers or a harvesting knife and a pair of scissors. Some recommendations for tools and brands: 

Brands: Opinel #10, Sneeboer, Niwaki

https://sneeboer.com/en-gb https://www.dictum.com/en/garden-tools-bd?p=1

How does the harvesting process work?

Each week we (the farmers) send you a newsletter with updates and what there is to harvest. If you are a new harvester it is important that you join a guided harvest tour and also watch all the ‘how to harvest video’for each crop on the weekly harvest web page.

When you arrive at the Fruittuin, come directly to the Kas and write your name in the sign in book.

At the Kas you will see the harvest board and list, take note, or take a picture (we also send a picture in the whatsapp group) and then choose your preferred harvesting route. Bamboo sticks with orange ribbons mark the beds that are ready for harvesting and next to these you will find signs with instructions and amounts.

Harvests start off small in May and then peak from June to October.

Farmers contact - on the board the’ farmer on duty’ alongside our mobile numbers will be written if you have any problems or questions whilst harvesting and you can’t see us, please message or call us and we will be happy to help.

Can I take a double share one week?

It is possible to take a double share and pay a one-off additional fee but you must first confirm this with a farmer as it depends on whether there is surplus. 

Can I bring a friend to trial a harvest?

Yes, you can bring a friend to trial a harvest. You must first confirm with a farmer via whatsapp or email to check if there is space and for details about how to pay. You must guide your friend through the harvesting process.