“For me, plastic-packed organics won’t do. I want to know exactly where my fresh vegetables come from. And Pluk! even goes beyond that by opening your eyes to what it takes to get these crops on your table. How do they respond to the climate? How much space do they need to grow? Being a member at Pluk! is a happy engagement and an experience that I would recommend to anyone that wants a more meaningful
and sensible lifestyle.

—Bernardo, harvester and volunteer


Pluk! is a vibrant community of people who value local, healthy organic food.
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Cityplot is a collective of professional urban food growers, educators and permaculture designers.
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Pluk! Boterbloem
Ecologische Boerderij de Boterbloem
Lutkemeerweg 262
1067 TH Amsterdam

Pluk! Fruittuin
Fruittuin van West
Tom Schreursweg 48
1067 MC Amsterdam

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