Our farming practices

We prioritise the health of the soil, the diversity of life on the farm, and the farm’s role in the community in the following ways:

  • Organic certification (SKAL)

All our produce is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, fungicides or genetic engineering.

  • Farming with nature (No-till/no-dig)

Heavy machinery is destructive to the ecosystems in the soil - fast moving metal destroys microbial activity. Instead we engage in human-scale methods, meaning we mainly use hand tools to manage our permanent beds. A non mechanised and low-till approach means low pollution, reduced compaction, improved soil structure and life which in turn leads to more natural resistance to disease, pests and resistance to drought.

No tractors in our fields means they are peaceful and enjoyable places to spend time as a community. The farm is sized for tools, practices and enterprises that celebrate the satisfaction of human work, and in return the work benefits from the increased care that this scale affords.