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Farmer @ Pluk! @ Fruittuin
Coming from the Catalan countryside from a small-farm family background, Edu studied Environmental Science in Barcelona and has been involved for a long time in community urban gardens and local activist grassroots movements. Edu moved to Amsterdam three years ago and he has been working on different projects such as Greenpeace International and the Knotwilg Organic Farm. Currently he combines the work at Pluk! with a part-time position at ASEED developing a coordination role campaigning against industrial agriculture.

Farmer @ Pluk! @ Fruittuin
After a long career in contemporary arts, Genevieve made the leap to join the PLUK farming team in 2022. Finding ways to access better food production from within Amsterdam was what led her to enroll in one of Ann Doherty’s inspiring urban growing workshops via Cityplot. Having a deeper understanding of the nourishing world at our feet, fast became a passion, and after several years of involvement in local green projects, she was able to join Pluk! for a year long internship. Gen currently combines working at Pluk! with regenerative farming studies, with a focus on no-dig farming.

Farmer at Pluk! @ Fruittuin
Ilyanna first started her journey into growing food in her late teens as a London allotment holder and has since become more involved in community growing projects as she began to see how transformative local, organic, and bio-diverse food can be for the health of communities and the planet. Ilyanna farms part-time at Pluk and spends the rest of her time working as an independent illustrator.

Farmer at Pluk! @ Boterbloem
Hieke loves working at Pluk!; it is a privilege to be able to work outside, hair in the wind and with the company of birds, butterflies and insects. By growing organically, she wants to contribute to more biodiversity, a healthier soil and fresh air and she can give people in the city the opportunity to choose vegetables that do not harm the planet. Building communities is very important to her; together with farmer-colleagues, interns, volunteers, harvesters and visitors, she tries to make every day on the land a special one! If you meet Hieke during weeding, sowing, planting or crop care, you can always start a conversation about sustainability, the weather, the state of the world and life in general.

Farmer at Pluk! @ Boterbloem
Marie-José has just finished her studies at the Warmonderhof and is very happy that she can work with Pluk! to create a wonderful place together and grow beautiful vegetables in a sustainable way. It's great to be outside, enjoying the carrots that are coming up, the spoonbill that flies over, the cabbages that look lovely in a freshly weeded bed, and wondering what kind of beautiful beetle is walking around.
She lives in Landsmeer, together with her partner Gijs and daughters Milou and Amber.

Farmer at Pluk! @ Boterbloem
When Eliska read a book on a beach in Sicily about a woman starting a garden in the middle of Dublin, she knew she wanted to know more about growing vegetables. So, in the middle of the pandemic, she followed an online course. Ann Doherty gave the course, and Eliska became more and more enthusiastic about growing food organically. When she visited Pluk! at the Fruittuin van West, she knew that this is what she wanted to do in life! Soon after, she became a volunteer and started at Warmonderhof in 2021. There was no question that she wanted to do her internship at Pluk! Before she knew it, she was part of this beautiful community and never wanted to leave. These days, she is finishing her studies at Warmonderhof and is starting as a farmer at the Boterbloem.


We have an incredible and dedicated team of interns at Pluk. If you would like to intern with us, get in touch!

Previous farmers

Ann - Pluk co-founder
Ann is an urban farmer, educator, beekeeper and worm composter working within the Cityplot collective. She studied urban agriculture at the University of Guelph and at Warmonderhof in the Netherlands, and has a Permaculture Design Certificate from Linder van den Heerik. She was the communications coordinator for the global environmental federation Friends of the Earth International for 16 years before she decided to take the leap into urban agriculture in 2011. In 2017, she co-initiated Pluk!, and worked there until the end of 2022 when she took over the coordination of the Stadsboerderij Osdorp garden. Originally from New England, she has lived and gardened in Amsterdam for three decades.
Contact Ann: ann@cityplot.org

It was 2015 in India, whilst doing research for her Master’s in Cultural Anthropology that Annie realized she wanted to become a farmer. Looking into how people were protecting their food sovereignty through organic farming practices, she realized that more than research we need people who know how to grow organic food! Since then she has worked on organic farms in the UK and the Netherlands. Arriving into Amsterdam in the summer of 2018 she immediately started volunteering with Pluk! CSA, and went on to become one of the farmers for 3 years here. Pluk! has changed so many people’s lives, and she feels so honoured and grateful to have been part of this incredible community of farmers, harvesters, volunteers, interns and soil life!

After studying anthropology and working in the social field, Irma’s first encounter with organic agriculture and agroecology was at a CSA in Brazil, and there experienced how the answers to the many problems in the world that we are facing lay right there, in our soil, our food and community building. Already working with food and marginalised people, she then started working with small scale farmers and accessibility of organic regional food. During Covid and back in the Netherlands, it was a good opportunity to start Warmonderhof to learn more about agriculture in the practical sense. With farming, Irma is exploring how we can repair and rebuild our relationship with the land through working with it, and how we can strengthen the position of farmers. She is active in Toekomstboeren and the Agroecology Network.